Friday, July 10, 2009

Twitter followers as job criteria

There was a tweet that went around "One of Best Buy's preferred qualifications in a job ad is "250+ followers on Twitter." ". What it observed was that Best Buy in the US advertised a job where alongside a BSc in Marketing you had to have 250+ twitter followers.

On the one hand bloggers are seeming to celebrate this as corporates recognising the need for online social media skills which is a good sign but there is also a flip side to this.

With my tongue firmly in my cheek, here are some opposite views :-
  • Someone with 250+ followers doesn't work very hard as they are too busy being a social animal online
  • "Norman no mates" like me who have a few followers but not 250+ will now scrabble to build followers by any means fair or foul which should bring some interesting traffic. FollowSpam will become a real problem for twitter forcing it to check out every follow transaction.
  • All these new "get 10,000 followers" services springing up will IPO in the next few months.
  • Personally I have not been that promiscuous in building online friends in facebook or twitter as I don't think that how many followers you have is a measure of how cool or important you are. I am not that interested in having an online friend in Outer Mongolia just because.
  • What happened to Quality vs. Quantity? Is there no measure of who those followers are i.e. if the person's tweets are all about getting lager'd up and clubbing is that Best Buy material? I can see new consulting services starting up where people vet the quality of candidates' twitter and facebook. Perhaps online snobbery will come in we we are all measured by who we are connected to online. "Oh my dear, I wouldn't friend that person, web 2.0 guru's are so passe."
  • On the opposite side o that coin will we see "Oh yeah, he fell-in with a bad [online] crowd."
  • What about relevance, are we going to be in a job market where the person with 260 followers gets the job over the one with 250 ? By this criteria Stephen Fry should sail into the job (he would probably do it standing on his head with his intellect) but is he the right candidate.
Overall I actually think Best Buy did a great thing . I am rushing off to create "" a new startup focussed on making sure job applicants have enough followers when they are interviewing.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Syntax highlighting and source code publishing in Blogger

Been trying to publish some JavaScript Code in blogger and not having much fun so I found these two links which may be useful. which provides syntax highlights. which converts your code into escaped code for publishing. This item links to his code converter at
Update:Just posted a blog on Ubiquity and created a new verb to do this.

It took me a bit to get the syntax highlighter working as the Blogger template editor kept converting the quotes in the last javascript to ' which was a pain, so I got around it by having those two lines in another script file on my server. I think you also have to load the specific JS files for each type of code you need.

Here is my test code for highlighting

<script type="text/javascript">
alert('test syntax highlighter');

echo 'test syntax highlighter';

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Video conversion for Apple Toys

For the uninitiated owning an iPod, iPhone or Apple TV and trying to get your movies onto everything must be a total nightmare. If you have bought one or more of these great gizmos they are simple to plug in and get working but woe betide you if you want to start putting your own DVD's into iTunes or worse still your own videos.

It's a minefield. Video used to be simple you had Windows type stuff and Apple Quick Time type stuff and it all worked as long as you didn't want to mix. Now if you have a mini DV Camcorder you have to know what format to put it in to get it in to iTunes (as mini DV is a Windows AVI format).

It get's worse now if you buy an HD Video camera it's an absolute nightmare it's a whole new format and all the software that comes with the camera is over simplified to the point that you have no hope of getting your holiday video into iTunes.

I have a friend who has all the toys (we'll call him Fred to protect the innocent). He queued for an iPhone, upgraded to the 3G, loves his Apple TV (which I have to say is a great "does what it says on the tin" device - except it has no playlists), has had a succession of iPods over the years and now has both a Nano and a bzillion gig' iPod. This boy loves his music and is probaly up to 90Gb at least.

I am a mac user now, having finally converted over a few years ago and have never regretted it, so when I help him out with his Vista machine life is complicated. The first thing is that iTunes or Vista places an "open with iTunes" link when you right click ANY video, whether iTunes can handle it or not. So poor Fred right clicks his new video from his posh new HD camcorder and expects it all to work - which of course it does NOT.

So what is a poor user to do? Cleverly Fred decides that he'll burn his new videos to DVD and then can import them to iTunes, no dice. So then he buys both Quick Time Pro and Intertech DVD converter. The QT Pro seems a waste of time, but the Intertech seems promising now his conversions go into iTunes and play in iTunes. Wicked!

But no again the world of common sense i.e. "if it's in my iTunes, it will work on my iPod, iPhone and Apple TV". 'fraid not. The Apple TV refuses to play them.

After two hours of mucking about with this intertech rubbish it seems pretty plain that the £30 was a bad call, it hangs, it converts badly the quality sucks, the image has flashing bit's like a TV with the horizontal hold gone wrong etc .........

So I did a bit of googling and found this It was the top link and a sponsored one at that which makes me suspicious. Taking a look and it has reviews with supposedly 84 rippers tested and recommends the top 5. What lovely people doing this for us - but I'm still suspicious. Why would someone not just blog this which would have much more credibility. Having a poke around in the links seems to show some affiliate code which may indicate they get a commission on sales, but to be honest who cares.

In the end we went for Cucusoft Ultimate Video Converter package and the results look very promising. I am no expert but if you can load some software click a few buttons and start converting without being a super video tech, then that has to be good. It even has profiles for different devices e.g. Apple TV which makes life super easy. Haven't even got to the HD conversion nightmare yet, but finding a simple tool to rip stuff (legally of course) for your iPod etc. is just too damn complex for the uninitiated.

As to the bunch that set up the web page, what a great idea for a simple affiliate commission earner (as long as they really did do the tests - but as you can free trial the top 5 who'se to worry). Lesson for me here is, if you review a few things in your blog, join the affiliate program if you provide click thrus you've got nothing to lose.

Update: He finally went for handbrake which I hadn't realised was on Windows

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tefal Quick Cup - what a load of rubbish!

What a great idea, push a button - get hot water - save the planet. With the amount of tea I drink in a day I must put more CO2 into the atmosphere than Finland.

Up comes Christmas Day and I rip open a present, lo and behold a Tefal Quick Cup. "Ooh I've always wanted one of those". It's cool, it's got buttons, a flashing light and it will save the planet, can't wait.

First claim : Hot cup of water in 3 seconds.
Err no, 3 seconds perhaps if you are using a thimble or perhaps an espresso cup, but a mug - no chance.

Second claim: Hot cup of water
Well the first cup was quite hot but then it settled into warm/hot. The water was quite hot (wouldn't want to have a bath at that temperature), but I could stick my finger in it for at least five seconds and not be taken to hospital for burns - or even in fact not get any discomfort at all.

If you are making tea, this is a bit tricky firstly you need boiling water (or near as) and secondly you want your tea to be hot after you added the milk. No chance on both fronts.

So we sent it back got another and had the same thing. Finally gave up and sent it back, the store were understanding. A little googling and the concencus seemed to be the same.

Nice try Tefal, I would modify your advertising to have those little tiny disclaimers at the bottom, something like "Not to be used for tea or any hot drinks you put milk into". BTW I looked on your website and clicked the "consumer service" link expecting some lovely on line assistance but there was none. Try to remember that people like to have the choice of phone, snail mail, email and forums not just phone.

Being fair, perhaps the Healt and Safety twits made them turn the temperature down so poor stupid us wouldn't burn our pinkies or tongues.