Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tefal Quick Cup - what a load of rubbish!

What a great idea, push a button - get hot water - save the planet. With the amount of tea I drink in a day I must put more CO2 into the atmosphere than Finland.

Up comes Christmas Day and I rip open a present, lo and behold a Tefal Quick Cup. "Ooh I've always wanted one of those". It's cool, it's got buttons, a flashing light and it will save the planet, can't wait.

First claim : Hot cup of water in 3 seconds.
Err no, 3 seconds perhaps if you are using a thimble or perhaps an espresso cup, but a mug - no chance.

Second claim: Hot cup of water
Well the first cup was quite hot but then it settled into warm/hot. The water was quite hot (wouldn't want to have a bath at that temperature), but I could stick my finger in it for at least five seconds and not be taken to hospital for burns - or even in fact not get any discomfort at all.

If you are making tea, this is a bit tricky firstly you need boiling water (or near as) and secondly you want your tea to be hot after you added the milk. No chance on both fronts.

So we sent it back got another and had the same thing. Finally gave up and sent it back, the store were understanding. A little googling and the concencus seemed to be the same.

Nice try Tefal, I would modify your advertising to have those little tiny disclaimers at the bottom, something like "Not to be used for tea or any hot drinks you put milk into". BTW I looked on your website and clicked the "consumer service" link expecting some lovely on line assistance but there was none. Try to remember that people like to have the choice of phone, snail mail, email and forums not just phone.

Being fair, perhaps the Healt and Safety twits made them turn the temperature down so poor stupid us wouldn't burn our pinkies or tongues.

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