Sunday, November 21, 2010

Web Surveys - Yawn

How many times do you go onto a website and get hit with a survey pop up within seconds ?

You know the type, "please take the time to tell us about your experience"

What experience ??! I haven't done anything yet!!

Don't get me wrong Web Surveys are an important tool to keep an eye on the users online experience, so I am not saying don't use them, just use them appropriately.

Most of the online survey tools have a set of rules you can configure to set when a survey pops up, it's these settings that need to be tuned so the survey pops up when I am someway through or at the end of my journey, then at least I will have something to say.

Another simple technique is to place survey buttons at the end of the key user journeys i.e. when I have completed (or failed to achieve) the task I set out to do on the website then I might have something valuable to say and more importantly might even be motivated to say something.

The other trap with surveys is the length. I am sure you have come across that kind of thing,  endless pages of questions which no one is ever going to analyse properly anyway. Website owners should keep an eye on the number of people who enter a survey and the number that complete it so they can fine tunes this. Better still invest in some text analysis software and ask one NPS question and then capture free text, some real insight will come from that.

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