Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Keeping up with social media on the ipad

It's taken a while to work out but I finally think I have stumbled on a set of tools that work for me keeping in touch.

I suffer from magpie-ism. i.e. I have this burning desire to keep every tweet and blog post and if I haven't checked for a while, I find it really difficult to ignore what has passed me by and focus on the new stuff. I sit and look at google reader desperately trying to mark 2000 blogs as read when I haven't read them paralysed that I might miss something.

Part of this for me is the right tools, so for now my list is as follows:-

  • Feedler pro - hooked into my google reader
  • Instapaper - I mark stuff for reading and more often than not never go back to it
  • Hootsuite - I have tried a few but this just seems to work for me
  • Apple's new twitter app - not sure yet

If anyone stumbles on this tumbleweed zone, any suggestions via comments would be gratefully recieved.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Simon

    I think you missed possibly the best/my fave!


    Check it out, it'll pull twitter, flickr, facebook, google reader, instagram and loads of others all in to 1 app. And you can tweet from it :)